Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cornerstone 2012 Day 4 (7/7)

For the final day of Cornerstone, I took the opportunity to see true Cornerstone-style acts. Again, most of the acts we wanted to see were at the Chelsea Cafe stage. So after my last round of Fest Food and a trip through the merchandise tent, we settled in.

Photoside Cafe started the set, and I enjoyed them. They are a Chicago band with an acousticy rock sound. Then another funky folk band took the stage for a great batch of music, Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk. Their music was awesome, their vibe was awesome, and we fell in love. To me, this is what Cornerstone is about -- discovering music that you would never find any other way, or in any other setting. We bought their CD, and totally dig it.

Another oddball act came on next, the harpist Timbre. And I mean "oddball" in th emost positive way possible. I guarantee the Cornerstone is the only Christian music festival to put a harpist on their lineup. Timbre interrupted her European tour to come to the fest, and then jetted back to Sweden a week or two later. Another surprising, bizarre, unique concert experience.

After the folk show and the harpist, I realized that there was not better way to end my fesitval experience than with that eclectic music mishmash. My wife and daughter took me back to the hotel, but they returned to bid Cornerstone its true farewell.

They attended the Viking funeral.

Again I ask, what other Christian music festival would end its life by marching a ship through the grounds, only to light it aflame (they tried with flaming arrows, but had to settle for a lighter and gas-soaked rags).

Cornerstone tweeted a picture of what the boat looked like the next morning, and it looks pretty much like a cross with tattered sheets on it.

An most appropriate ending, to say the least.

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