Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cornerstone 2012 Day 2 (7/5)

We got to Cornerstone at about 10 AM on Thursday. This was our earliest arrival time, which was to give my wife and daughter a chance to get to some seminars. I hung out at the Chelsea Cafe, starting with the morning owrship service. The Ember Days led worship, which was terrific.

The rest of family rejoined me for a walk down to another tent, where Doug Mains & the City Folk were playing a set. This was another example of an offball little band that we would never have found except for Cornerstone. They played modern folk, and put together a very interesting set.

We grabbed some lunch on our way back to the Chelsea Cafe tent, where JPUSA artist Joy Williams played. After that, we went back to the hotel for a while, and that is where I called it a day. It was hot, we were outside, and even though I felt pretty good, I did not want to be a burden on my family for the evening, which had some bands that they were stoked to see.

After a rest, they headed back to the Festival and I headed across the street to Burger King. Let's be fair -- they got the better end of the deal. They ended up seeing The Crossing, one of our favorite discoveries from 2010. Then they caught a little bit of Iona, our all-time favorite band, who we had seen earlier in the week near our hometown. But they ended their evening with an awesome concert by Icon For Hire, and even chatted for a little bit with Ariel, their great pink-haired lead singer. I was sleeping, and they were rocking.

Everyone was happy with their choices.

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