Sunday, July 01, 2012

A Few Concerns

The final Cornerstone is right around the corner, and I have two main concerns: weather & health.

It will be EXTREMELY warm in Western Illinois this coming week. Like 98-105 hot. When I went in 2007, and the family went in 2010, sure it was warm. The festival takes place over the July 4th weekend, you expect it to be warm. But I don't recall any outrageously warm days, any days where the heat was oppressive. But it looks like that may be the case in 2012. Now a nice thing about the smaller festival is that there will be no main stage, and while this is a bad sign for the festival as a whole, it does mean that every stage will be under a tent. Those tents can be awfully hot, of course, but at least they will be covered.

I have been struggling with allergies and sinus issues for almost two years now, and my strength is not what it once was. I have not spent extended time outside, in the heat, in a long time, and wonder how well I will do. My allergies concern me, with the different grasses and weeds out West, and the heat won't help.

All this being said, I am very much looking forward to the festival.

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