Monday, August 06, 2012

Cornerstone 2012 Day 5 (7/8)

This was the day of the drive home.

We were a little melancholy from it being the last Cornerstone, and only our second as a family (my third). The thought of wasted opportunities, that we could have attended the festival more often, colored our memories.

But mostly we were satisfied. Satisfied that we got the most that we could have out of this last festival. As I said before, my first festival ('07) was all about the seminars, our first as a family ('10) was all about the music, and this last one ('12) was just about the Cornerstone experience.

Yes, we enjoyed the music, and enjoyed the seminars we attended, both in spite of the very hot temperatures. We each were able to speak with an artist we respect (me: Glenn Kaiser, my wife: Steve Taylor, and my daughter: Ariel from Icon for Hire), and that was one of our highlights. And the discovery of musicians we would never find anywhere else, like Timbre & Lauren Mann. That's what I'll remember from this year's festival.

But mostly what we enjoyed was the experience, the vibe of the place, which is unlike almost any other evangelical event of church.

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