Friday, March 26, 2004


After nearly two thousand years of anti-semitism, it looks like the church (at least the American church) is making up for it in style . . . the American church has become one of the most pro-Semitic groups in the world. This is more true in the more conservative reaches of American Christendom. Maybe it was the extreme Anti-Semitism of Hitler's Germany we are responding do, swinging the pendulum back as far as we can the other direction. I do not know the specific role that God has for Israel in history, but I know He cares for and tends His Israel.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Bible-Head Dolls?

A company in Kentucky called Isaac Brothers has announced plans to create and market a series of bobble-head dolls. The first run is scheduled to include Noah, Samson, and Moses. The seven-inch figurines are expected to sell for $14.99, and will come with a comic book summarizing the life of each character. If these three are successful, look for Esther and Daniel next. They say that the Jesus doll is certainly a possibility, although another company already sells one. Like we really need TWO Jesus bobble-heads? Isn't one already one too many?

Thursday, March 04, 2004

The Techno-Church

It has slowly begun to dawn on me that a newspaper that gives tremendous coverage to a range of religious issues is the Wall Street Journal. I mean, if we assume that the religion of the 21st Century is money, then I suppose this makes sense. But I was still surprised when the fact dawned on me. Take their recent article on "More Prayer, Less Hassle," which delineated a variety of ways that the pious can fulfill their religious duties in this increasingly techno-centric society. Emailed sermon notes, TiVo-ing church services, Web chats with your Rabbi, virtual confession, and of course ATMs in the church lobby are all examples. The only topic not covered was spiritual-minded blogs!!!