Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Our New Vocation

From N.T. Wright:

"Jesus thereby leads the way to a new vocation. Instead of the frantic pressure to defend the identity of people, land, and Temple. Jesus's followers are, through the renewal of hearts and lives, to recover the initial vision of being a royal priesthood for the whole world, which is the Messiah's inheritance and now will become theirs as well."

Monday, January 16, 2012

2012 Devotional Plan

Every year I "shake up" my devotional plan, trying to avoid slipping into a rut, doing an activity simply because I have done it in the past. This year, I am adding a mid-day devotion, and continuing to add ancient practices and disciplines into my life.

For 2012, my plans are:

Morning devotion -- Daily Audio Bible podcast, going through the entire Bible (a range of translations) in a year.

Mid-day devotion -- All from thehe Evangelizo app. Praying through the daily Gospel and reflection, a saint of the day, and prayers from liturgical readings.

Evening devotion -- Night prayer from SQPN PrayStation Portable podcast, daily reflection and occassional saint readings from the BreadCast podcast.

Weekly (usually on Saturday) -- Lectio Divina, via the weekly podcsat presented Rev. Todd Spencer.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

2012 Priorities

In deciding what to prioritize for my spiritual life in 2012, my focus has been on the "new monastic" and "urban monastic" movements, and I have tried to discern what of those areas I should try to integrate into my life. I have decided on 5 priorities, tht I think summarize key aspects of these that I can commit to.

S olitude
S tillness
S ilence
S implicity
S ervice

I have not worked out how each of these will be integrated into my life, but I have confidence that I'll figure it out. I have a destination.