Monday, July 09, 2012

Cornerstone 2012: Day 0 (7/3)

The drive to Cornerstone was nice -- as always, it seems to take longer than I think it should. Those last 60 miles, once you get off the highway, just drag on. But that was not a problem -- we had plenty of good music to listen to, good podcasts, and just good conversation. My wife and daughter shared the driving with me, which was helpful.

We are not campers, in the tradiitonal sense. By that I mean, we are not campers at all. We stayed at a  very nice hotel in Macomb, about 20 minutes from the festival. You know you are in western Illinois when your hotel is surrounded on three sides by corn fields!

We did our traditional pre-fest shopping at Wal-Mart, getting snacks and water for the next few days, took another look at our schedule for the fest, knowing full well that the online schedule was not up to date. But it gave us something to do.

And we also noticed just how hot it was.

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