Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cornerstone 2012 Day 3 (7/6)

This was the crazy hot day. Crazy hot. That is an actual picture of our dashboard display when we left the festival.

My daughter and wife both enjoyed their seminars from the day before, but we all agreed it was just too hot to get there early, as the band we wanted to see was in the late afternoon, skipping the early bands and the seminars. We hung out in the hotel, had a nice lunch at the Mexican restaurant near the hotel, then loaded ourselves up with water and headed out in the mid-afternoon.

This meant that I missed a few bands I would have liked to seen, the Wiitala Brothers and Maron. I saw Maron in 2007, and would have like to have seen her again, but these shows were sacrificed for the intense heat. We headed to the Underground stage, which was much hotter than the Chelsea Cafe stage we had spent time at the last few days. not nearly as much air flow, and we were sweating like crazy, just sitting there. We saw Thirtyseven play most of their set, but we were there to see the next band.

We discovered Don't Wake Aislin at Cornerstone 2010. We saw them play 3 or 4 sets at a bunch of different generator stages, including an acoustic show. Great music, great lyrics, a very artistic flair. We became fans, bought the CD, and have followed them since. For this final festival, they were promoted to a "real" stage, and this show was definitely a bigger crowd than the 2010 shows. It was their last show as Don't Wake Aislin, as they announced they were going to undergo a name change. Again, they put on a terrific show, and we were even able to chat with Deena, the lead singer, after the show. We bought some merch from them, and figured that was a great way to end the day.

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