Thursday, May 03, 2007

Is God Unfair?

This is one of my little pet peeves, the claim that God is unfair. Maybe this is a paradigm issue, but the thought that God is unfair has never crossed my mind. Maybe I have succesfully avoided that particular self-centeredness that would allow me to think that God has to treat me a particular way. I have plenty of other faults, but this one has never hampered me.

Maybe it is that I came to know God in my late teens, and never got bogged down in the milk and cookies of God . . . I came to know Him when I could handle the meat of deeper, complex issues. God set up the universe and set up the rules . . . it has never struck me as my job to question Him about how He runs things. His ways are so far above ours that it is incomprehensible, and when we try to fit Him into our own frame of reference, we fail miserably. And we think crazy thoughts like the notion that God is unfair.


Francine said...

I can only say "AMEN" to your words.

Many Blessings

Cami said...

Well, I am with you on this one. Whenever I've heard the question, "Why me?" I have always countered it with "Why not me?" The idea that God is to stay in "His corner" and we are to rule ours is ignorance to the extreme.

I.I. said...

maybe it's because I came to the Lord as an adult, but I just don't understand how our brothers and sisters can get caught in this trap.

Carol said...

You know I was in my car driving today before I had read your post and these very thoughts came to my mind, "why do people question God" the thing is people only say this when things are not going well for them, however, when they are up, do many ever thank the Lord.

So I say Amen to your words too..

Maxine said...

I noticed this a bit late, but it's one of my favorite topics and I wanted to comment quickly. Your words are refreshing in the times we live. God is Sovereign. He is Sovereign. Our Lord is Sovereign. That says it all doesn't it?