Wednesday, May 09, 2007

St. Catherine of Bologna

Catherine (1413-1463) was related to the nobility of her town -- at 17, she joined a group of religious women and eventually became accepted as a novice. Twenty-five years later she and 15 other sisters were sent to establish a monastery in Florence, Catherine as abbess. She worked hard to preserve the peace of the new community.

Catherine's greatest contribution to the church may have been her book, titled "On the Seven Spiritual Weapons," which deals with how we can battle against temptation. The weapons each believer possesses and must use are: 1. diligence; 2. distrust of self; 3. confidence in God; 4. remembrance of the Passion; 5. mindfulness of one’s own death; 6. remembrance of God’s glory; and 7. Scripture (following the example of Jesus in the desert)

Thank you, Lord, that I can learn from those who've gone before me on this pilgrim's path.


Cami said...

Catherine's points to defeat temptation are indeed very good. I would have to add a number 8: Consideration for another's good. To give into temptation hurts others as well as ourselves, so to consider another's good in resisting temptation is key.

I.I. said...

good point.

Carol said...

Thankyou for sharing this interesting piece of history about Catherine..It is good to hear and learn how others have gone before us.