Monday, December 17, 2007

Movie Review

Bella (2007), PG-13. Producers include Stephen McEveety, a producer on The Passion of the Christ.

Tag line from the poster: "True love goes beyond romance"

A tragedy ends the career of an up-and-coming soccer star Jose' (Eduardo Verástegui) on the way to sign his million-dollar contract. Years later, working in his brother’s restaurant, Jose' and waitress Nina (Tammy Blanchard) discovers something that Nina is unprepared for. An impetuous act by Jose brings them together during an extraordinary day. Nina is facing a tough decision and when Jose' shares a tragedy that changed his life and how his family helped him cope, Nina also transforms.

Bella is strongly pro-family and pro-life, but both in such subtle and organic ways that there is never a hint of the film being pushy.

And I dare you to not weep at the ending.


Cami said...

My Catholic friend wrote me and said "You have to see this movie," and I hope I'll be able to. I think it's showing in limited areas, isn't it? We'll at least get to see it on dvd, I'm sure. Have you heard about the movie, Noelle? I'm curious about that one, too.

I.I. said...

It's been out about 5 weeks, in limited areas, so it may be on the way out of theatres soon.

Definitely check it out on DVD.

No word yet on "Noelle."

Maxine said...

I'll be looking for the DVD. Thanks.

scotti said...

I saw Bella and thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I have not yet heard about Noelle.