Tuesday, August 07, 2007

lo-fi living in a hi-fi world

It’s been about 6 weeks since I returned from Cornerstone, and what has stayed with me is an interest in the “suburban monastic” – perhaps an answer to some who like me were discouraged by the books Death by Suburb and The Suburban Christian.

Two organizations that I ran across at the fest were the Anchor Fellowship and Monk Rock. These guys are trying to live out the monastic virtues (charity, humility, solitude) while not retreating from the world. The Monk Rock guys call it “lo-fi living in a hi-fi world.” This mix of modern and ancient intrigues me.

I don’t know quite how to work it into my life just yet, but it intrigues me.


Cami said...

I don't know who they are, and this may be an ignorant observation on your post--misapplied--but I think one of the most inspiring things I have ever heard is "monk" music we listened to while sitting in the chapel at San Juan Capistrano.

"Charity, humility, solitude"--this described the life we've been called to--although, charity must be withheld when the crack heads want money...but that may be wandering off the beat of your post, too--if it does, sorry!

The MonkRock Manifesto sounds cool!

I.I. said...

I am not quite ready to commit, but I am ready to appreciate those who do!

Cami said...

"I am ready to appreciate those who do"...this is a good spirit, Prof, this is the love we can give one another as The Church; to trust the Father in child-like faith with our brothers and sisters. : )