Saturday, July 29, 2006

Movie Review

GONE (2002)

First things first, this is not a bad flick, and not just "for a Christian movie," which unfortunately is still a legitimate thing to say. Different take on the Rapture, not an "epic" on the scale of Left Behind or Omega Code. This is a smaller, more personal take, and I prefer that myself, not being totally on-board with the LaHaye-style "Timetable" approach to the Last Things. Decent production values, nice locations, great final scene, all the things you want to see in an independent film, except for . . . . the acting.

Why do Christian filmmakers think C-level (or worse) celebrities bring more to a production than actual, professional, talented unknowns? This movie falls squarely into that category, and it is even worse than Stephen Baldwin, Kirk Cameron, or Gary Busey. This movie "stars" Joel Klug and Dirk Been . . . yes, from "Survivor." That's what I said: "Survivor."

In the commentary on the DVD, the director seemed like a serious guy, but I can't believe he had a casting call, had auditions and screen tests, and decided that these two guys were the best "actors" for the job. My proof: In the four years since, the 2 men have appeared in a total of one other film. What was this guy thinking?

There are plenty of struggling, talented, hard-working, Christian actors out there, right? There have to be. Or did the minimal amount of "celebrity" these two bring to the movie improve its chances of being made and seen in the Christian marketplace? I would like to think better of my family than that, but . . . {sigh} . . . I don't know.

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