Thursday, July 27, 2006

Book Report

Body Piercing Saved My Life, Andrew Beaujou. Beaujou is a secular journalist who spent more than a year in the Christian rock scene, attending GMA week, some festivals, talking to Christian rock journalists, performers, executives, etc . . . and ended up producing an intersting, often sympathetic portrayal of an industry balancing ministry and profits, creativity and lyrical purity, passion and quality.

He hits the key points in the history of Chrsitian rock: Larry Norman to Keith Green to Amy Grant to Stryper to DC Talk to Switchfoot. The lack of even a mention of Undercover or The Choir is a shame, especially as both of these artists had "run-ins" with the industry and could have added to the book.

If you like an outsider's view of these things and think that there are some problems with Christian industry, I would recommend this. If you are in the evangelical subculture and don't like being challenged or criticized, you should probably let this one pass.

Among the intersting points and/or quotes, some of which I may write about soon:
* The absolute excising (whitewashing?) from the history of the movement/industry of people who have fallen out of favor.

* "Christian bookstores are the gatekeepers of the industry."

* " . . . passion over quality" and "a distinct lack of self-editing."

* The state of worship music . . . . Deadheads . . . . "Jesus is my girlfriend"

* Controversy has a negative effect on album sales.

* Sex does not sell.

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