Monday, July 10, 2006

Book Report: "Emerging" and "Revolution"

These are the hot topics among those of us who think about church. I take it that Barna's "Revolution," which I have not read, is about the growing tendency of people who are hurt in/by church to either leave altogether and take a "just me and God, no need for church" attitude, or to start new hierarchy-less, home-based groups.

"Emerging Churches," which I have read, is a semi-academic study of 50 of these communities in the UK and US. I wish the book questioned these folk a little more, instead of just presenting "their side," but that is also one of the stregnths: it uses a lot of the ir own words, from their blogs and websites, in addition to author interviews, to give us insight into what is going on.

Now I do need to admit my inherent bias. My particular denomination is mentioned quite often in the book, often negatively, mostly inaccurately -- or at least in an out of date manner. One of the leading sources in the book is a man who was high up in my denomination and left, so he has an ax or two to grind. Just so you know where I'm coming from.

I doubt these churches will ever become a major force, but the questions they raise about the hierarchical, professional church are legitimate.

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