Monday, June 15, 2009

Podcast Review

Full Circle

Jerry Bryant hosted one of the very early "Jesus Music" syndicated radio programs in the '70s. A few years ago, he began Full Circle, playing the same music he played three decades ago. Looking back "on where it all began," Full Circle -- available in podcast as well as syndicated radio -- plays classic Jesus music from the early 70's through the early 90's.

I came into the Christian music scene shortly after becoming a beliver in the mid '80s, so the songs that Bryant plays from that era (DeGarmo & Key, Petra, Farrell & Farrell, Allies, Mark Heard, 77s, Bruce Cockburn) definitely bring back the memories. I appreciate the stuff from before that era (Andrus Blackwood & Co, Honeytree, 2nd Chapter of Acts, Randy Thomas) but I don't recall most of it specifically.

The show runs right at an hour, and comes out every week. It's fun.

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