Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Charles Lwanga (d. 1886)

One of 22 Uganda Martyrs, Charles Lwanga is remembered for defending himself and his faith at the hands of King Mwanga, the Bagandan ruler. Lwanga served in the Mwanga's royal court as the head of court pages. In addition to instructing the pages in their duties, he trained them in his Christian faith.

King Mwanga demanded that all converts to Christ renounce this new faith. Lwanga and the others resisted the homosexual advances (eventually demands) of King Mwanga and for this refusal, was impriosoned. In prison, he continued to instruct his pages (aged 13-30) in the church's spiritual and moral teaching.

For his unwillingness to submit to immoral acts and for not renouncing his faith, Mwanga ordered Charles and 21 companions killed.

He was burned to death on this day in 1886.


Cami said...

So good to remember these saints, and know we are not alone in our struggles against the spirit of this world.

I.I. said...

For me, it is easy to get wrapped up in my own battles, so I find it important to remember what a heritage we have in those who have gone before.