Friday, September 21, 2007

Book Review

Night Light, by Terri Blackstock.

{figure it's about to time to post this review, seeing as how book 3 is out!}

The second novel in the Restoration series, this one picks up right where Last Light left off. The world has been struck by an electro-magnetic pulse, which has made anything with computer-related break down -- which effects everything from modern automobiles, telephones, the electric grid, water treatment facilities . . . everyone is forced to adapt to the new living conditions.

The series focuses on the Branning family of Georgia, and this book focuses on their decision to being into their home four siblings whose mother has either abandoned them or been kidnapped or killed . . . at the start of the novel, we don't know.

Well-written, pretty fast-paced, good characterization, not a lot of surprises. Blackstock started her writing in the romance field, and although there are a few spots where the novel becomes a little too "girlie" for me, it is an ultimately satisfying read.

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