Friday, June 01, 2007

Got my tickets today!

I have probably been to a dozen Christian music festivals over my 20 years in the faith -- Creation East (when it just Creation), Alive, Fishnet, Inner Seeds -- but have never gotten to the big one, the granddaddy of them all. Until this year.

I'm finally going to Cornerstone.

Thanks to the kind indulgence of my wife of (by then) twenty years, I am packing myself off to Illinois during the last week of June, for five days of interesting fellowship, terrific speakers, and eclectic music (including the Friday night 80s metal reunion stage featuring WhiteCross, Bride, X-Sinner, and Bloodgood)

I am stoked.


Cami said...

How great! I'm still satisfied for attending the Estes Park, CO music camps two years in a row back in the early 80's. Everyone was there, and I mean everyone. It was so much fun. It's great to do something now that you could do at any time when you were young. ; ) And congratulations on your upcoming wedding anniversary, my husband and I reach 23 years of marriage tomorrow!

I.I. said...

A little "reliving those younger years" every now and then sure is fun.