Friday, October 06, 2006

Our Messy Lord

We can not expect God to fit into our boxes, or to meet our standards. God is the great paradigm-breaker, but we can only experience that characteristic of Him if we are open to changing our own paradigm. This is a definite situation where we can only recieve from God when we are ready to recieve from God. The encouragement is to let Him out of whatever box you have Him in, whatever pretty decorative frame you are holding Him in, whatever human standard you are Holding him to. Set Him free, let Him out, release Him. Let Him be God.


Cami said...

This is so true. A teaching of Oswald Chambers helped me when I stepped out in this way; it was about the conscience. He shared that the conscience doesn't teach us what is right, it urges us to do what we were taught was right. What if what we were taught isn't what the Lord requires? Will we rigidly stand with our conscience, or follow the Lord?

I.I. said...

oooh, good point. You are really taking your OC to heart, that's great.