Tuesday, October 10, 2006


The Call
My personal top 10 album list would have 2 by The Call. Both "Reconciled" and "Let The Day Begin" are classic albums that combine an astute and intelligent spirituality with driving, straight-ahead rock and roll. Michael Been, the frontman for the band, is a Christian and has always written his songs from the perspective of a believer dealing with the realities of living in the modern world. They never appeared on "Christian radio" because they were actually on real labels, Elektra and MCA, and never positioned themselves as a "Christian band." But I encourage you to check them out if you never have.


Cami said...

I'll pass these recommendations along to my husband, the music freak; I've never seen anyone so eclectic. He only writes and sings Christian music himself--but even though he's technically too young to be a real Elvis fan, he is--but he also loves everything from the Gaithers to the Eagles. Can't pin him down!

I.I. said...

I'm pretty eclectic myself, though I am not much for the Gaither-style of music. But taste is taste, and as they say, "your mileage may vary."