Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Book Report

Terri Blackstock likes 4-book series, and I like some of her 4-book series; I had read a total of six books of hers, including the entirety of her Newpointe 911 series. At least I thought it was the entirety of the series. But it turns out that she was so moved by the bravery of police, EMTs, and firefighters on 9/11 that she was moved to write a fifth. Also drawing on the WorldCom financial scandal, Line of Fire revisits the emergency workers of Newpointe, LA. Blackstock is consistently becoming a better writer in this genre, finally shaking off the detritus of her romance-writing past. Her thriller/suspense works are becoming better and better.


Cami said...

Well, looking at Keith's blog I realized I'd better look up "detritus"; meaning, loose material or miscellaneous fragments. But of course you must have already known that--I just wanted to help everyone else out. ; )

I.I. said...

it was probably his blog that put the word in the front of my head -- isn't that what community is all about?

Cami said...

To be honest, "community" isn't one I've heard in a while, either--it's a nice reminder.