Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cornerstone 2010 review (#1)


Since I became a Christian more than 25 years ago, the Christian music scene has always bene important to me. I have been to probably 10+ Christian music fests over the years, from Fishnet to Creation to Alive to Inner Seeds. But the grand-daddy of them all, Cornerstone, was always beyond me reach. Grographically, it was a challenge for me, and I admit I may have been a bit intimidated by the counter-culture vibe of the event. But as I matured and outgrew much of the standard evangelical culture, Cornerstone became progessively more intriguing to me.

I dipped my toes in the Cornerstone waters when they put out a mini-festival on the East Coast in the early 2000s. But it was not the "real" Cornerstone.

My family moved about 500 miles West, bringining western Illinois within a day's drive. I went to the real Cornerstone 2007 by myself, to "check it out" for the family and get a vibe for the place. It was wonderful, and it helped crystallize my thoughts on the "ancient future" movement, and give a context (and a label) to my feelings on the value of the early church and their practices. And of coruse, the music was great, too, including the reunion shows by Bloodgood and WhiteCross, and shows by the Violet Burning and Roe vs. Pritzl.


Cami said...

I enjoyed reading your "Prologue." :) To my view (I could be wrong), but we each are impacted by the music of our own generation, that is, whatever defines our generation to us personally given an important and pivotal time in our lives. I'm a bit more of an old timer than you are, so it was the Jesus Movement of the 70's that impacted - and still moves - me. I do remember selling the records for the bands you mention, though, when I worked in a Christian bookstore "way back when"!

I.I. said...

Music is such a powerful force in our lives -- power that is demonstrated all throughout the Bible. I also think that's why God us those Psalms, such a great range of human emotion expressed.

Cami said...

VERY true.