Friday, February 06, 2009


Well, now that the yaer is about 10% over, it seems about time I posted my "things to do" list for the year. Consider these my Plans / Hopes / Aspirations / Goals / Objectives for the year:

Maintain my devotions plan for the rest of the year
Walk 500 miles, and bike 200miles
Drop my Wii Fitness age by 25 years
Attend an academic conference (Oklahoma City, end of February)
Attend a writers conference (or 2) with a finished version of Identity
Seek out an agent and/or publisher for Identity
Finish watching Babylon 5 and start watching Battlestar Galactica
Visit North Carolina twice and Richmond once
Plan and hold daughter's graduation party
Get daughter off to (and settled in to) college
Walk one (hopefully 2) couple through our church's "Parent Coaching" program


lorie said...

We have season two of Battlestar Galactica coming in the mail from Netflix--CAN'T WAIT. Oh, and did I mention my husband got me season two of TNG for Valentine's Day? Love that man...

I.I. said...

Yeah, I have extremely high expectations for BSG -- have heard nothing but praise.