Sunday, December 07, 2008

utterly vulnerable, utterly powerful

From the introduction to Redeemed, by Heather King.
It hurts to participate, to keep hearts open when we're in anguish, but ... this is the means of our salvation. This is Christ nailed, arms open, to the cross, simultaneously utterly vulnerable and utterly powerful: the most radical, subversive, never-endingly surprising Savior I can imagine. Turning, in his own agony, to the thief beside him to say, "This day you shall be with me in Paradise," he's the Great Physician, the Great Priest, the Great Friend.

When I picture Christ, though, he's not only, or even mostly, on the cross. He's coming down off the cross, walking among us. He's saying, I know it hurts unbelievably most of the time, but look, here's how to make it better. He's saying, Don't worry, you won't see how for a while, but it's all gonna come together in the end. He's saying, It's all right already, right here, right now. He's here to help, he's here to help.

Not a pious image, but a pulsing heart. A warm body. Blood.

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