Monday, November 17, 2008

Remembering Mom

3 years ago this past weekend, my mother passed away. This is what I read at her memorial service.
My mother had the great misfortune of losing her mother twice. She first lost her to Alzheimer’s, and then after 10 years of her slowly slipping away, she lost her finally to death. Those ten years tore her heart apart, with her mother physically with her but not really "with her."

But I am here to tell you that right up to the end, Marilyn was, well, Marilyn.

I spoke to her on Saturday, and yes, she was tired and the conversation was not long, but we talked about what we always talked about, and we joked about what we always joked about. I let her know how our new home construction was going. We talked about whether Dana would ever get out of last place in the family football-picking competition.

She was all there, right to the end: her joy of living was there, her sense of humor, her love for friends and family. All of those things that she taught me, those things I hope I've learned from her, those character traits I want to manifest in my life. I hope to bring honor to her memory, for as long as I walk out my life, on this side of the veil.


Cami said...

Prof, what a beautiful memorial to your mom...those of us on "this side of the veil" from a loved one can relate with our whole hearts. But I am thankful for you that she was "all her" when she went.

Julie Morrison said...

That's kind of how it goes, isn't it? the people who mean the most to us eventually leave, but we remember them fondly. A touching memory. It lets me know what I'm in for...I lost my dad in March. I expect to always miss him, as you miss her.