Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Worship Evangelism Justice

From the introduction to Worship Evangelism Justice, by Mike Pilavachi, with Liza Hoeksma. Pilavachi is the founder and leader of Soul Survivor, in the UK. The book is an good read, and the perspective of what God is doing across the pond always interests me.
"Jesus told us that loving God and loving our neighbor should go hand in hand. We've often separated out our spiritual activities from our secular ones; we go to a home group, that's spiritual; we buy a pair of sneakers, that's secular. Or is it? If we do our part to ensure that the person who is making our sneakers gets a fair wage and works in reasonable conditions, isn't that an act of loving our neighbor and therefore a spiritual activity? God is interested in the whole of our lives and He wants access to everything so that we can make choices that reflect Him better.

I believe that worship, evangelism and justice are close to God's heart and that they belong together. If we continue to ignore them, or even separate them, we will continue to see the numbers of people following God decline and te church's voice grow weaker. If we bring them back together, could it be that the church will again be right at the heart of the community and God will again be worshipped as He deserves?"


Cami said...

I don't want to ignore your site, Prof, posting at the Cafe and leaving spider's webs on your blog! ; )

But seriously, I never can say enough (one of my weaknesses), and I am very serious in my own view that Christians need to understand that "worship as God deserves" means personal obedience in the areas that only God sees, more than anything else. It certainly doesn't mean a song service (as some think)!

I.I. said...

Yes, the book talked about our entire lives being acts of worship.

And I enjoy being part of the BIG site ......