Thursday, March 06, 2008

Podcast Help?

I was the last person in my family (and probably the developed world) to get an iPod -- though I still occassionally sneak some quality time with Old Faithful, my Sony Walkman, which is literally held together by rubber bands.

I have found a few top-notch podcasts, including the Daily Audio Bible, which will take me through the Bible in one year. This one runs about 20-25 minutes a day, with daily readings in the OT, NT, Psalms, and Proverbs.

I know that the Podcasting world is vast, and I will never "stumble on" to all of the good ones. I'm not looking for sermons or church services, but rather Christians discussing theology, culture, church history, stuff like that.

Any suggestions?


Maxine said...

I know little about this, but it sounds like a good use of your time.

Cami said...

Obviously, you're not the last...I am always SO behind. My daughter has one, but nobody else in our family does. There are people older than me, though, talking about the stuff they're downloading, so I'll have to get with it sometime. Your purchase is just one more encouragement toward this end!

I.I. said...

I have loved it!

I can take my online radio shows anywhere, along with podcasts, tons of music, etc ......