Thursday, January 31, 2008

Just God

From the diary of Vincent Pallotti, a 19th Century theologian and pastor, a praryer I'd like to make my own:

Not the intellect, but God.
Not the will, but God.
Not the soul, but God.
Not the goods of the world, but God.
Not riches, but God.
Not honors, but God.
Not distinction, but God.
Not dignities, but God.
Not advancement, but God.
God always and in everything.


Cami said...

I'd like this to be a PLAQUE in my home--Amen!!!

Francine said...

I agree with Cami.

Oh that this would be our prayer.

Carol said...

this is so good..
but God

lorie said...

I love this stuff, Alan. This is the kind of stuff I miss in our church...

Do you ever read the hymnal, out of curiosity? I have an old Methodist hymnal (I grew up in that denomination) and I read it devotionally, and some of the prayers. It is very rich.

I.I. said...

We actually have a hymnal, but I don't read it, devotionally. Most of this stuff I got from the year I spent doing The Divine Hours.

Maxine said...

I love this. It's wonderful. My favorite phrase in the Bible: "But God."