Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Book Review

Waking Lazarus, by T.L. Hines.

Jude Allman has been declared clinically dead many times, and always returns to life. He tries to live an anonymous life, but his son is abducted and Jude finds he has strange supernatural powers. Taking this as a cue that he has found his calling, Jude commits to finding his son, even it means facing down demons -- not just those of his own past.

A good spiritual thriller, well constructed and executed. Note that it is rougher than most Christian novels - not for the faint of heart.


Cami said...

My science fiction loving son would like this, I think. For my part, it makes me think of the new show "Pushing Up Daisies." ; )

I.I. said...

Yeah, they cover similar territory.

Tanya said...

Hmmm ... I've heard much about this author, but have yet to read anything written by.

I.I. said...

This is his first, I ahve his second on reserve from the library. Like I said, some rough stuff, pushing the edges of Christian fiction.