Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Thoughts of God and the Word of God

I have thought long and hard about the issues of reading and translating the Bible, much less interpreting it. My conclusion is not very heart-warming to those who want to apply the Bible directly and distinctly to this plane in which we dwell. It is the best that we have, but we have to understand that it is not perfect -- I say this because that human language is an imperfect construct. God's Thoughts are prefect, but we do not have them. What we have is a poor substitute, God's Thoughts in the language of humankind. Human language, post-Babel, I have to point out. God's thoughts are not just a little bit above ours, they are as high above our thoughts as are the heavens above the earth. The best we can catch is a glimpse. These are worthwhile, valuable, and critically important glimpses, but let's keep in mind the fact that they are just glimpses.


Tanya said...

Your "post-Babel" emphasis gives me much to think about.

Cami said...

I agree, Prof. "The Word" is Jesus, before a word, with a small "w" was written, and He still Is. So much of what is written in the Bible is not read from a historical perspective, as it should be. It's why we are told to "study" to show ourselves approved, so that we might "rightly divide" the words of truth. Jesus Himself is THE truth.