Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Real Saint Patrick

From his Confessions:

It was the over-powering grace of God at work in me, and no virtue of my own, which enabled all these things. I have had to endure insults from unbelievers; I have heard my mission ridiculed; I have experienced persecutions to the point of imprisonment; I have given up my free-born status for the good of others. Should I be worthy, I am even ready to surrender my life, promptly and gladly, for his name; and it is here in Ireland that I wish to spend my remaining days, if the Lord permits me.

In all this I am in debt to God who has given me an abundance of grace with the result tht through me many people have been born again in God, and later confirmed, and that clergy have been ordained everywhere.


Cami said...

What an amazing story of grace, the true story of St. Patrick. My Catholic friend sent me a booklet of his story a few years back after I expressed the interest in knowing the whole thing. His mission was to go back to those who had imprisoned him, to see his captors saved, set free themselves.

I love this quote, thank you for sharing it.

Francine said...

I've just recently been learning about St. Patrick ... I wish more realized all this man did and suffered when they celebrate in his name.

I.I. said...

yes, it's not just about the green beer . . . who knew?