Thursday, December 21, 2006

Book Review

Second Coming Attractions, by David Prill.

This book takes place in the Christian entertainment industry, and follows the struggles of a family-friendly, Christian film company trying to keep up with changing times and tastes. It is a satirical look at the Christian subculture by one who is clearly not a part of it -- this is not a "Christian" book in the sense that neither Prill nor the publishers are part of the evangelical world. It is not a "CBA" book, to use the industry jargon.

As satire, it exaggerates the eccentricities of the Christian sub-culture, and is certainly not an accurate portrayal. But for what it is, it is intriguing -- I think it often good to get a fresh "outsider's" perspective on the little world we inhabit. I don't have enough free time in my life to be able to spend all of it reading things that I already know, or otherwise agree wtih. Art is to be challenging, and some books that I read, I read to be challenged.

I enjoyed this book until a very uncalled-for scene late in the novel that turns the Christians from lovable weirdos to dangerous weirdos. It's a shame, because the work is otherwise a very worthwhile read, if you don't mind your own community's shortcomings being pointed out.

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Cami said...

Balance is impossible for us as human beings to achieve; it is irrefutably the stuff of the Spirit of God. It's why it's important for us to walk in the Spirit daily. It's our human weaknesses we find so fascinating about one another. When we are finally complete in Christ, no one will be able to find the words to write about us! Until then, none of us are in "danger" of being translated!