Monday, November 20, 2006

Book Review

The Suburban Christian, by Albert Hsu. Intriguing little book about finding (and bringing) Christianity to the suburbs. Hsu points out that suburbs have always existed, but their growth in modern America makes them a stronger influence than ever before.

There is a long history of urban Christianity, as well as country/wilderness/small town Christianity, but it is the suburbs where people are moving, as well as some of the biggest churches. He gives some thought-provoking ideas about how to forge community in these areas, where garage doors close us off from neighbors in a way that front porches used to bring us closer to our neighbors.

I am a suburban Christian myself, and am weighing some of the suggestions Hsu makes regarding how to behave Christianly in this setting, in terms of: shopping, work, neighbors, etc . . .

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Cami said...

The surburban fellowship challenge is marked no where worse than in southern California, where we're originally from. The Lord had always led us, though, to know our neighbors in the twenty different places we lived.

Now, in a low-income neighborhood here in Michigan, where none of us have garages, only front porches; the only thing that prevents socialization is snow! ; )

It is a challenge to be a Christian anywhere--but you're right; we should be aware of the specific pitfalls placed wherever we live, and let Christ be Lord in our lives above them.