Thursday, June 15, 2006

Music: More Retro Stuff

I'm still going through my old tapes, and in deciding which to keep and which to toss, I ran across a few with sentimental meaning for me. I became a Christian during my freshman eyar at college, answering an altar call at a concert, as a matter of fact. I fell into the CCM scene pretty quickly, and it was probably over spring break that I bought my first Christian tapes. It was at Heaven and Earth in Laurel, Maryland, and those four tapes were: Steve Taylor--I Want To Be A Clone; Steve Camp--Shake Me To Wake Me; Jerusalem--Volume 1; and Fireworks--Sightseeing At Night. I am keeping these four, for as long as humanly possible.

Of course, in the many years since then, some memories have begun to fade and harden, so it may not have been those 4 tapes, that store, or even that city . . . but this is the story I have told for years, and until proven otherwise, I choose to still believe it.

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