Sunday, April 30, 2006

Music: I'm in a retro mood

I have been going through my 300 old tapes under the bed lately, because I (aided by some serendipitous browsing at the library by my 14-year-old daughter) have been transferring my old casettes to CD's. Neither car has a casette player, one of the boomboxes casette doesn't work, etc . . . So like many, we turned into a CD-listening family. And untila bout two weeks ago, I had no clue what to do about my tapes, except -- to my wife's annoyance -- keep them. But not I can CD-ify them, so have been working on that as a spring/summer project.

Well, I ran across one last night that I was kind of dreading listening to again, because I really liked this guy, bought about 5 albums, went to a concert or two, but he has disapeared from the CCM and Christian Rock scene after an ugly attempt to "cross over;" Anyway, I thought the music would not hold up, that I'd be disappointed, blah blah blah, but I went ahead anyway and listened to a couple of old Mylon LeFevre albums.

Let's be honest about Mylon; the LOOK UP project did not work (it is not even available on the website store, though I did not dig through every page), and shortly thereafter he headed into worship leading and a teaching ministry, disappearing by his own choice from my radar screen -- until digging under my bed last night for music between Justus and the Level Heads. There this tape was.

You know what? Sheep in Wolves' Clothing and Crack the Sky still hold up as fun musical experiences. They are definitely 80s albums, you can't hide that, and the theological depth is not on the scale of The Choir or Rez or DA, but for what they are trying to be, they succeed. Straightforward, Southern gospel rock that even after twenty years made me smile again.

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