Wednesday, January 08, 2003

That Cloning Thing

Let's forget for a minute that they are UFO culstists. That has been in the lead paragaph of every story that has appeared, and does make the story a little lighter than it otherwise would be. But let's get past the sideshow and address the guts of the issue.Can a human clone actually be . . . what is the word? "manufactured?" "created?" We are even unsure about the right terminology to use. But for those of us with a view of the world that extends beyond the physical, the issue of the soul arises. If as some believe, life begins at conception, when does life begin if their is no conception? We believe that a baby, fully gestated and born, has a soul. But does a clone? Is this the modern Golom -- physical form, but no soul? If not, then when does that soul arrive in the body? There is a reason they call this "playing God."

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